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Rock Music Reviews
Let's face it. Rock is the most vague reference to music that exists, and we know it.

Rock Music Review is an online music publication specializing in album reviews, live reviews, editorials, free mp3 downloads and more, covering indie rock, hip-hop, and everything in between. Based out of Central Indiana, Rock Music Review covers local, regional, national and international music with an independent perspective.

A short history.
We used to be "freakcentral.com" back in the high school days. That domain started in 1999, although content was never strong until 2003. That's also the year we changed to "Rock Music Review," shedding our freaky past and starting anew.

Get your music reviewed.
We accept music submissions from all artists, signed or unsigned. See our submissions page for details.

If your band or record label wish for Rock Music Review to cover a live show, concert, or festival, please contact us with specifics.

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Write for RMR
If you like what we do, have music knowledge, can actually write, and wish to join our team of volunteer writers, please send an email to writers@rockmusicreview.com with the following:
  • A review of an album not already covered on RMR.
  • A short bio about yourself.
  • Your favorite recent albums and bands.
We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!